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Brave Browser is a modern and free web browser that is secure, blocks advertising and is faster than chrome.  How is it possible?

Is there a faster browser than chrome? What is the fastest browser? The answer to all your questions is Brave Browser, which is a chromium-based browser (so it’s the same engine that Google Chrome works with), so the pages load as fast as the chrome. However, brave has additional advantages – by automatically removing ads and tracking scripts, the sites in this browser load faster and most importantly, no one follows us, so we gain more privacy.

Where to download Brave from?

Brave can be downloaded from the official website – click here to download. The browser is available on virtually all commonly available operating systems: Windows, Android, IOS, Linux, Mac OS. It is worth mentioning that Brave Browser is fully free of charge.

brave browser interface

Brave browser interface

Why Brave?

  • Brave loads pages much faster than Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.
  • It has a built-in torrent network client
  • Includes a built-in plug to block advertising and pop-up windows
  • It has a built-in mechanism to block scripts and cookies for tracking users
  • It has a built-in track network option in incognito mode
  • Enables you to earn money by watching ads on websites
  • Synchronization (Beta version), i.e. the ability to easily transfer data between devices
  • Automatically redirects traffic to a secure SSL encrypted protoco
Brave Browser

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