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How To Rank Up In CSGO?

Are you bored of playing in low rank? Do you finally want to leave silver and gold and get the coveted Global Elite? How does the rank system work? What do you need to do to reach a higher rank in CSGO?

All ranks in CSGO

If we want to advance to a higher rank, it is worth getting to know all their types! Here is a list of all current ranks in CSGO tournament mode:

CSGO rank list

lista rang csgo

The first rank means that our rank has expired due to the lack of playing in tournament matches, for it to return it is enough if we win or draw the match in this mode. The second is the total lack of rank, displayed in the event that we have not yet won 10 tournament matches. Other ranks are standard: From Silver 1 to Global Elite.

How to rank up in CSGO?

Training and warm-up
It is worth to warm up before starting the game. Pro players warm up and train for hours before the match, so why not include it in your schedule? We can train on special aim maps, death matches or on community servers. There are plenty of options, but if you have little time it is worth at least to fire a 10-minute death match and warm up using basic weapons.

Play as a team

Playing with friends who have similar or higher ranks is much easier to win the match. It’s about communication. The problem of randomly selected players in a tournament match is the lack of information about the opponent’s position. Playing “five” is easier to provide info or to devise a tactic for entering BS.

Get more MVP

It is not entirely clear if this theory is one hundred percent effective, but it is very likely. It’s about getting more so-called stars. We can get them for planting and exploding the bomb, disarming it or killing most of the opponents. It’s easiest to plant bombs, of course. Apparently, a large amount of MVP gives more “ELO” points so we can advance faster.

Learn maps

It’s difficult to reach a higher level knowing only one map. Expand your knowledge of other maps, play bot matches on them, simplified, learn the positions on these maps to give correct info to players from your team. Also learn at least basic grenades so that your opponents are surprised by them.

Watch Pro players matches

Pro players often playing at large tournaments use unique games and ways of throwing grants and arranging themselves for BSs. Such plays are easy to uncheck by listening to commentators and analyzing the plays of individual teams. An interesting source of information are players’ POVs or matches with the team’s teamspeak instead of the commentator. They can be found on YouTube.

Commands and settings

You should also learn about custom commands and settings that can improve our game, increase FPS in CSGO, and help with throwing grenades. These guides can be found on our website in the category CSGO -> Guides.


Train, watch and, above all, think! Nothing will come for free, and pro players played and trained for hours before entering the highest level. Just don’t give up and play better and better!

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