A cheap way to get skins in 2023!

Skins in CS:GO are undoubtedly a factor that makes gameplay more enjoyable. Having skins gives us prestige among friends or enemies, but also pleases the eye. The status of having skins also gives us self-confidence. However, it is worth remembering that skins are no longer just virtual skins, but some skins are now treated as long-term investments, as their value, due to rarity, is constantly increasing.

How to get skins?

There are many ways, but it is almost impossible to get the desired skins for free.

Every week, for reaching the level, we get a drop skin. However, it is often a low-value, not very nice “garbage skin”. Of course, if a new crate comes out, we may be able to drop it quickly after the premiere, but the price of the crate is about 10 zlotys if you can get it quickly enough.

However, the method described above is very laborious. A much easier but financially demanding way is to buy skins directly on Steam. However, this is not very profitable due to high commissions and unfavorable prices. Another option is to buy skins on external sites. An example of one such site is described in our other article LINK.

A cheap but risky way

The last, unfortunately risky way to get skins is to use various gambling sites. Unfortunately, everything works like a casino, we can win a lot, but we can also lose everything. It is important to keep a cool head and not be too greedy. Remember that if the casino was not profitable for its owner, it would have gone bankrupt a long time ago ;).

There are many sites that offer gambling services. To play on them, we must have virtual coins. Coins can be obtained in two ways. One is to deposit your skins, and the other is to buy coins on dedicated sites.


The CSGOLOMBARD.COM website offers the cheapest coins on the market for the currently most popular gambling sites.

The website offers us the purchase of coins for Csgopolygon, csgo500 and csgoempire. At the top of the page, it shows us the current number of coins, so we don’t have to worry about delivery delays. The site supports the most popular payment methods, namely BLIK, SMS, PSC. Everyone can easily buy skins.

After purchase, we can only try our luck. However, the basic rule, as mentioned earlier, is to keep a cool head and not be too greedy. In one moment you can lose all your capital and get very involved.

Good luck!

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